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GRAUSTICH / COMA DETOX / WHITESWAN / EDGE OF DECAY “Stay yourself whatever the cost” – tape
Pro Duplicated C50 / Edition: 100
front cover
6 euro + postage. (wholesale price available) antipatikrecords@hotmail.com
[ SAMPLE ] Graustich – Peace eternal
[ SAMPLE ] Coma Detox – Intrathoracic petechial hemorrhage
[ SAMPLE ] Whiteswan – Through layers of fat and flesh
[ SAMPLE ] Edge Of Decay – Aggressio
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“SYWTC” split tape including Industrial, Power Electronics & Noise artists on professionally dubbed tape housed in a zip-lock plastic bag including 4 inserts.
After some self-released tapes and other releases out on Filth & Violence, etc.., Graustich appear here with an industrial/dark ambient track. Nice introduction to this split.
Coma Detox for which is the latest/final track from artist under this name, (now Disgusting Sanctum), deliver here over 8 minutes of intense Noise.
After the great tape “Insatiable Lust” on Wrath, the Finnish artist Whiteswan  is back  with raw and brutal analogue power electronics!
Edge Of Decay already have some cassettes for Freak Animal, Narcolepsia, Nil By Mouth, etc…  come to conclude this tape with a great Harsh Noise recording live.


Out Now!

[antpk.01] – UMPIO / CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION – split tape

Pro-duplicated c40 / Edition: 100

front cover
6 euro + postage. (wholesale price available)
[ SAMPLE ] Umpio – Ultraviolet Bathtub Vomit
[ SAMPLE ] Creation Through Destruction – Ascension From The Metallic Construction
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-Umpio is a Finnish anti-music artist for which all can be describe in this ligne: “All starts from metal junk and a  contact microphone, and ends in electronic abuse.”


-Creation Through Destruction is brutal, loud and experimental harsh noise from Serbia.
 creation through destruction